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Welcome to reexam, the premier online platform for taking real estate exams.It's easy and Affordable!

Reexamhelp is among the few trusted Real estate Exams Help websites. We have good Ratings from Top sites such as TrustPilot. Our Refund policy is also very clear so incase your work is not done or you are not happy with your grades , you have the right to request a Refund.Another important thing is; you never have to pay up front,you are only required to pay half the amount before and the remaining half after.

Our company has a very clear Refund policy for poor grades. If our tutor by any chance gets you a failing grade, you have the right to demand for a full refund

No, We only require you to pay half the amount before and the remaining half after for Exams

PAYPAL is our preffered payment method so you can either pay from your PAYPAL Account or You can use your Credit/Debit card. We can also accept other methods such as Skrill, Western Union, Sendwave and Bitcoins

es , you will be in contact with our tutor directly through Whatsapp Or Email.

If by any reason you are not happy with the tutor you were paired with, it's simple, just let us know through the live chat in the site or email and we will switch the tutor immedietly.

YES, we take Proctored exams. We have two option for this ; you can either send our tutor pictures of the questions through whatsapp during Exam or we can screen share and work from your computer

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